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Natural Stone 6/8/10mm Tiger Eye Beads Bracelet

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– Handcrafted natural stone bracelet featuring 6/8/10mm Tiger Eye beads for a stylish and earthy look.
– Each bead is carefully selected and polished to highlight the unique golden-brown hues and chatoyant patterns of Tiger Eye.
– Elastic cord design ensures a comfortable and adjustable fit for wrists of all sizes.
– Tiger Eye is believed to promote balance, strength, and protection, making this bracelet both fashionable and spiritually meaningful.
– Versatile accessory suitable for both casual and formal occasions, adding a touch of natural elegance to any ensemble.

6/8/10mm Tiger Eye

10mm Black Pine, 10mm Blue, 10mm Bright Black, 10mm Green, 10mm Lava, 10mm Red, 10mm Tiger Eye, 6mm Black Pine, 6mm Blue, 6mm Bright Black, 6mm Green, 6mm Lava, 6mm Malachite, 6mm Red, 6mm Tiger Eye, 8mm Black Pine, 8mm Black Pine A, 8mm Blue, 8mm Blue A, 8mm Bright 7 Chakras, 8mm Bright Tiger A, 8mm Green, 8mm Green A, 8mm Lava, 8mm Lava 7 Chakra, 8mm Matte Tiger Eye, 8mm Picasso A, 8mm Red, 8mm Red A, 8mm Tiger 7 Chakra, 8mm Tiger Eye, 8mm Tiger Eye A


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Natural Stone 6/8/10mm Tiger Eye Beads Bracelet